3 comments on “CA Sen. Feinstein Blocks Action on National Concealed Carry

  1. if there are smart they will get rid of here this time… her jos is done.. shes old and out of ideas like a lot of them in Congress

  2. The entire Government needs an overhaul. We’ve got deadheads here in Mississippi. Thad Cochran has been in office since Dirt was made. Nothing personal. I just see nothing of any use coming from him and others think that also.

    It’s not funny at all that many in Government think they are the “Gifted & Chosen Few”. If you really knew some of their personal attitudes, you might be appalled. While we’re on the subject…Rosie O’donald is also one of those that think you and I shouldn’t have a weapon. BUT…it was revealed a while back that she has a Bodyguard that “Packs”! Hmmm….what an asshole she is anyway.

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