2 comments on “Feinstein makes excuses for Holder during Fast and Furious investigation blaming lax gun control laws

  1. Its time for Diane to go.. she looks old and she acts old and she thinks old.. we need new ppl in Congress and new ideas … The ones that have been thre for over 20 yrs have run out of ideas and are generations out of it….

  2. Holder is the highest justice official in the country who has lied under oath many
    times and been in contempt of court for stonewalling and refusing to cooperate
    with the senate committee- Stimulus money was used to give guns to the Zeta
    Mexican Drug cartel- YET NO ONE will go to jail for these crimes because the
    news-media refuse to report anything about Obama’s entire past criminal history
    and covers up his crimes- such as his FORGED birth certificate & multiple
    SSN’s used in real estate scams- The American NEWS-MEDIA BLACKOUT on Obama’s past criminal history is UNFORGIVABLE-

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