3 comments on “Dianne Feinstein on Nukes

  1. This article was on the mark politically and also carried with it a great tongue in cheek sense of humor. I recently read that Syria is stockpiling chemical weapons and has potential of nuclear arms. How scary is that? Had not heard the San Francisco song for many years. Always loved it and i’m still wearing flowers in my hair! People in motion!!

    • Wow you are among those that keep up on world happenings and are well tuned on Syria. I love that song as well it reminds me of a girl I love how lives in Oregon, 896 miles away. Her name is Julie too, but I call her other things like Jules, cupcake, cutie patuttie, honey, Q.T. among others. If you are single perhaps we should meet. You sound so much like her. My name is Jim and I run this circus.

    • Hey ma’am, you are well read and tuned up, are you like a hot looking 39 year old babe and do I know you? I’m J.C. and I run this circus, your comments are always appreciated.

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